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Crochet favorites


Hello to all of you!

I have been thinking about making this post for a whole now. You will get to know my favourite places for patterns and inspirations. Let me list few websites where you can get free patterns.
drops design
all free crochet

These are my favourite websites for free patterns. I love downloading patterns, printing them out and sorting them in my ring binders by categories.

I also enjoy browsing many blogs. Blogs where I can get inspirations, tips and lovely patterns as well. Some of my favourite include
hopeful honey
moogly blog
repeat crafter me
little monkeys crochet

It is amazing seeing that crochet is growing in popularity and that so many young people share the same passion. We can all share experiences and our patterns.

I am currently in process of making a Heidi Bears African flower hippo amigurumi. I will share the outcome and the page where you can find the pattern in another post.

If you also like the above pages as well as me, please let me know what is your favourite section/pattern

With Love, Dorota

Crochet hook case


Hello everybody,

Thanks for stopping by! As I mentioned earlier I have gotten a whole set of knit pro waves for Christmas. So far I have kept them in a box, which was very frustrating as very often I have misplaced them, they fell out or it was difficult to find the correct size. So today I have decided I am gonna make something for them. I wanted to keep them in set of 10s so I need two cases but for now one of them is done. I got this cool yarn on sale couple of days ago and I felt its gonna be perfect for the purpose.


I have made a simple case using c2c (corner to corner) technique. I used hook size 8mm. The yarn used is chunky sirdar indie shade 0165. I have free handed the case and I think it came out just perfect.


I have made two sets of ties so I can close it up.
Another cool thing about it is that I can close it in two ways. One of them is as above just fold it in half and tie the strings. Another cool one is to roll it up with one set of strings hanging from top and bottom and then tie them up. As below.


Let me see what you store your hooks in. I hope this post and this little case I have made will inspire you to go and free hand some thing unique.
Hope you have a great and productive day!

With Love, Dorota

Winter crochet



First of I would like to apologize for not posting on sunday. I am back to my routine now and next post will be on tomorrow. As usually.

As you may already know about my upcoming holiday in Rovaniemi in Finland. I am slowly getting ready with making myself a scarf and a matching hat. It is pretty cold out there. Around -20°C.


This is me proudly wearing the scarf. I found this cool pattern for the scarf and a matching hat. My version is done in lilac chunky sirdar hayfield wool blend. It’s made using 9mm hook. It I very enjoyable and quick to complete. Please stay with me till the bottom of the post to see where I found the patterns.

The scarf has this cool buttons there too. They are only decorative but they add a gorgeous touch to the already awesome scarf.


Unfortunately once I got to edging my hat I have ran out ofnyarm. I will need to buy one more skein in order to complete it. And I can’t wait to show you the final picture. However for now you can see how kuch progress I have made on the hat.


It now looks a bit like hood but in fact its gonna be a lovely slouch.

If you liked it then you definitely should visit the original pist and the the patterns. Click here for scarf pattern, and here for the hat. Also you should definitely check the blog out too at Little Monkeys Crochet

With Love, Dorota

Free crochet pattern


Hello everyone!

I have finally designed my own item! And I have written out the pattern for it. It is infinity scarf that I have done for my sis in law to be.

I feel the winter is my favourite time of the year unless there is no snow, like here where I live. It’s always rainy in Ireland. Thats why I am heading away to Finland, Rovaniemi, arctic circle in february! Let me show you the finished product and I will take you straight to the free pattern that will be forever available on my blog.


Aligned infinity scarf (difficulty-intermediate)

Materials used:
super chunky wool (I used sirdar hayfield super chunky) in
   -main color A two skeins
   -contrast color B one skein
   -contrast color C one skein     ^numbrr of skeins depends on the weight
8mm crochet hook
Yarn needle

Sl st-slip stitch
Dc-double crochet
X-crossed double crochet


R1: with A chain 130

R2: dc in 4th chain from hook, dc in same space, sk1, *2dc in next, sk1* rep from * till the end. Make an extra dc in last stitch (3 stitches in total in last chain) turn

R3: ch3 (counts as dc from here on), *sk next dc, dc in next, dc in skipped dc (x made)* rep from * till last. Dc in 3rd chain of turning chain. Turn

R4: join color B. Ch3 *sk1, 2dc inside x (in space between two of the crossed dc)* rep from * till last x, dc in 3rd chain of turning chain. Turn

R5: repeat row 3

R6: join back A, rep row 4

R7: rep row 3. Fasten of

Join C to one dc before the corner. Ch3,  Dc in each around, and 3dc in every corner. Join with sl st. Fasten of.

Join short edges with whip stitch carefully aligned. Weave in all ends.


Terms and conditions of use:
You are allowed to link to my pattern
You are allowed to sell finished product stating that design belongs to someone else
You are allowed to share pattern with others linking to my blog
You are NOT allowed to use my pattern as your own
You are NOT allowed to use my pictures as your own

With Love, Dorota

Baby crochet jumper


Hello fellow crocheters,

Today I have completed very cute project that I didn’t quite like at the beginning, but in the end it worked. Since the project I have done was a baby cardigan I decided to talk to you about why I love making baby stuff.

Baby clothing/hats are precious and gorgeous. I love the way they work up very fast. And this is good for a person that is not quite good with patience. THAT’S ME!

It’s so cool to see the end product soon after you get your hands on it. I have no kids myself (yet) but I love making baby stuff for gifts or orders. Another plus of working with baby stuff is that there are millions of free patterns available online.

Now let me tell you a bit about the exact project I have completed. It was a hooded baby girl cardigan with scalloped edge, wooden heart shaped buttons and variegated yarn.
I have used 4mm hook and patons yarn that my friend bought as she ordered the cuteness from me.


I am very very sceptical about the use of variegated yarn but in this case I think it worked. I sourced the pattern at Yarnspirations. All together it took me about 7h to get it done. Recipient loved it! And I am honestly proud of my work when someone is as grateful as her.


My next project that I am working on is a scarf for my sister-in-law-to-be. It’s my own pattern and its going to be the first one I write out. I hope you all can help me to polish the pattern off so it’s easy to repeat. It will be available for free on my blog.

What are your thoughts  about that baby cardigan? Would you change anything?

With Love, Dorota

Little hatties


Hey folks,

Today is the day that I share with you a completed project for the first time. I am very excited to show you my recent makes for an order. They will both be available in my Etsy  store, links to etsy will be posted under the pictures.

Abbreviation :
Hdc – half double crochet
Fphdc – front post half double crochet
Bphdc – back post half double crochet.

Pompom hat
This is simple hdc toddler hat where I have substituted the last few rows of hdc for fphdc and bphdc. The purpose of the fphdc and bphdc was to create this ribbed effect. Hat was made using Sirdar hayfield bonus dk and 5mm knit pro waves hook.
This hat was super easy and super quick to complete.


For Etsy link click here

Tricolor hat
This is also a toddler size simple hdc hat. However in this one I have added earflaps and braids. Colour pattern was suggested by the girl that ordered. I enjoy making hdc hats as they add up really quickly. As the previous one it was made using Sirdar hayfield bonus dk and 5mm hook.


For Etsy link click here

I am not very good with sizing so I have used Sarah’s  pattern to figure out the correct size. For the link to her Repeat Crafter Me frog hat pattern that helped me a lot please click here.

Please share and let me know what are your thoughts on the hats that I have shared with you all today.

With Love, Dorota

New year


Hello folks,

First of all I would love to wish all my new and future followers a happy and prosperous New Year. Hope you can all find the courage and time to fulfil your dreams.

With the start of the New Year I would like to make a commitment. I commit to posting once a week. New posts will usually appear on Sunday (hopefully I will not have a lot of slips with this).

Posts will all relate to my crochet life in one way or another. As my blog will grow I would love to work with other bloggers to increase my crochet business circle.

Once again happy New Year to all of you! As for my New Years wish, I wish you could share my blog with those who might find interest I it.

With Love, Dorota



Hello everyone,

I would like to talk about the crochet hooks I use. Before Christmas I had few plastic hooks that I totally hated as the yarn didn’t slide good enough on the hook. And sometimes it was very difficult to complete a stitch using the plastic hook.

I also have a set of 20 aluminium hooks that I have ordered from eBay. I love working with aluminium hooks however they lack any kind of handle and my hand can get very tired when working with a smaller size hook.

Since Christmas I am very proud owner of knit pro waves hooks, I got a set of 19 different sizes. They are also aluminium but they have very comfortable handle that makes using them a big pleasure.


And this is how my set looks. The sizes range from 2mm to 12mm.

I would love to hear what hooks do you all use and what are your opinions on knit pro waves.

You can see the whole range of knit pro supplies on http://www.knitpro.eu/Materialwise-Details.asp?id=25&mcid=2

With Love, Dorota

Welcome to my blog


Hello everybody, and thank you for stopping by.

I will start by directing you to “about me” page if you want to know more about me as a person. Here in the first post I would like to talk a little about what made me start the blog and what is going to be posted on it.

I am currently on a high run with my crochet skills. I am self learner and everything I know I learned by watching others do it, mainly on YouTube. I slowly started to learn how to read written instructions and how to read diagrams. It didn’t take as long as I was worried it will. I also learned (from mistakes) the importance of appropriate hook size and yarn weight.

I am mostly enjoying making hats, scarves, blankets and amigurumi. Oh! I also can’t forget about how much pleasure I get from making baby clothes. It’s just so adorable.

Since this Christmas my lovely boyfriend got me a set of 19 knit pro waves crochet hooks, which I totally love and adore, and he also got me a brand new tablet, I have decided to boost my crochet life. My tablet is going to be mainly used for crochet related stuff. Th st is: my crochet facebook (dorota crochet), my crochet Twitter, instagram, pintrest, blog and also Etsy.

My etsy shop is open for a long time however I haven’t really paid any attention to it and it wasn’t successful. Surprise surprise, I am gonna get into it after new year to make it a success.

Hopefully this tells you a little abou my crochet life. Please message me if you have any questions or requests.

With Love, Dorota