Crochet hook case


Hello everybody,

Thanks for stopping by! As I mentioned earlier I have gotten a whole set of knit pro waves for Christmas. So far I have kept them in a box, which was very frustrating as very often I have misplaced them, they fell out or it was difficult to find the correct size. So today I have decided I am gonna make something for them. I wanted to keep them in set of 10s so I need two cases but for now one of them is done. I got this cool yarn on sale couple of days ago and I felt its gonna be perfect for the purpose.


I have made a simple case using c2c (corner to corner) technique. I used hook size 8mm. The yarn used is chunky sirdar indie shade 0165. I have free handed the case and I think it came out just perfect.


I have made two sets of ties so I can close it up.
Another cool thing about it is that I can close it in two ways. One of them is as above just fold it in half and tie the strings. Another cool one is to roll it up with one set of strings hanging from top and bottom and then tie them up. As below.


Let me see what you store your hooks in. I hope this post and this little case I have made will inspire you to go and free hand some thing unique.
Hope you have a great and productive day!

With Love, Dorota

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