Winter crochet



First of I would like to apologize for not posting on sunday. I am back to my routine now and next post will be on tomorrow. As usually.

As you may already know about my upcoming holiday in Rovaniemi in Finland. I am slowly getting ready with making myself a scarf and a matching hat. It is pretty cold out there. Around -20°C.


This is me proudly wearing the scarf. I found this cool pattern for the scarf and a matching hat. My version is done in lilac chunky sirdar hayfield wool blend. It’s made using 9mm hook. It I very enjoyable and quick to complete. Please stay with me till the bottom of the post to see where I found the patterns.

The scarf has this cool buttons there too. They are only decorative but they add a gorgeous touch to the already awesome scarf.


Unfortunately once I got to edging my hat I have ran out ofnyarm. I will need to buy one more skein in order to complete it. And I can’t wait to show you the final picture. However for now you can see how kuch progress I have made on the hat.


It now looks a bit like hood but in fact its gonna be a lovely slouch.

If you liked it then you definitely should visit the original pist and the the patterns. Click here for scarf pattern, and here for the hat. Also you should definitely check the blog out too at Little Monkeys Crochet

With Love, Dorota

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