Hello everyone,

I would like to talk about the crochet hooks I use. Before Christmas I had few plastic hooks that I totally hated as the yarn didn’t slide good enough on the hook. And sometimes it was very difficult to complete a stitch using the plastic hook.

I also have a set of 20 aluminium hooks that I have ordered from eBay. I love working with aluminium hooks however they lack any kind of handle and my hand can get very tired when working with a smaller size hook.

Since Christmas I am very proud owner of knit pro waves hooks, I got a set of 19 different sizes. They are also aluminium but they have very comfortable handle that makes using them a big pleasure.


And this is how my set looks. The sizes range from 2mm to 12mm.

I would love to hear what hooks do you all use and what are your opinions on knit pro waves.

You can see the whole range of knit pro supplies on http://www.knitpro.eu/Materialwise-Details.asp?id=25&mcid=2

With Love, Dorota

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